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“Do you mind?”

I looked up and stared at a man, my old school notebook still opened on one of the café’s round tables. The ice cubes in my cocktail were melting slowly. The water was flowing from the glass and was creating little puddles on…

I love writing but I didn’t write for more than ten years. I suffered from writer’s block and I didn’t know it. (Now I am published author with a story behind me and few tips for you).

It was a lovely summer afternoon. I visited my mum and between sips…

These poems appeared as a sparkle and came from the dust of my mind. Every rhyme started with a light, words walked me through the darkness and to the final clarification of feelings that are sometimes hidden in our souls.

The collection of poems is dedicated to all heroes and heroines I have met, and I haven’t met in my life. Thank you for your service so we can drink our coffees, write poems, walk, talk, lay our heads down to sleep at night peacefully. It is also dedicated to all heroines and heroes waiting at home for their loved ones.

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(Interview) Robert Vlach explains in his best-selling book The Freelance Way why freelancing is easier than other ways of doing business: “You don’t need an artificial brand and the capital needs are very low, but there’s a catch.”

You had the opportunity to compare the state of freelancing in various countries. Are there any major differences between them in terms of recommended business know-how?

Not really. There are small differences, but the essential know-how for freelancing…

Jana Poncarova

Czech author, copywriter and journalist. Writing is an adventure. The best way how to become a writer is to write. I am excited to share my experience with you.

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