Robert Vlach: Freelancing is the simplest approach to doing business

You had the opportunity to compare the state of freelancing in various countries. Are there any major differences between them in terms of recommended business know-how?

If the business essentials are universal, what are some of the major differences between countries in other aspects?

You wrote in The Freelance Way that freelancing is the simplest kind of business out there, but only in a relative sense. Why?

Who is a typical freelancer?

What are the main reasons for people to stop freelancing?

Facing uncertainty surely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Are younger people any different in this regard?

How important is self-development in growing a personal business? How popular is it among freelancers?

You dedicated a full chapter to personal productivity in your book. How to tackle it?

You have mentioned that financial self-management represents a risk for freelancers. How far do freelancers go in preventing it? And what would you recommend?

Incomes can be also improved by working for international clients. What are the recommended steps to do so?

The Freelance Way seems to be your ticket to the international scene. What are your plans for it?



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Jana Poncarova

Jana Poncarova

Czech author, copywriter and journalist. Writing is an adventure. The best way how to become a writer is to write. I am excited to share my experience with you.